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Have you ever thought about the following questions?

How does the Torah fit with all the scientific data out there that seems to go against it?

What was life really like back in those days?

What are the backgrounds to the stories in the Torah?

How do historians and archaeologists substantiate their claims?

I would love to learn more about all that history and science stuff but where do I begin?

If you find yourself nodding as you read these questions, then you’ve come to the right place!

Hi! I’m Zvi Selevan and I would love to help answer these questions.

You’ll discover more about the Torah and its’ messages through discoveries in science, history, archaeology, and geography.

Why read my material?

I take a different approach than many others out there.

I am honest to a fault. If there is something I don’t have the answer to – I’ll let you know.

There are many details within the annals of archaeology and science that don’t always seem to fit with what the Torah says.

I will address those details. Sometimes there are answers, and sometimes there are not – yet. I am confident that one day the answers will be discovered, but for now I will bring the points up for the sake of intellectual honesty.

Also, NO pseudoscience allowed! Only real facts from real academics and real books. There is no real reason that even within the realm of real science we cannot answer most of the questions out there.

(With that said, I may throw in some interesting hypotheses. But they are just that – hypotheses – not claims as to what actually happened.)

About Me

You’re probably wondering how I got to know about all this.

I’ve been approached by others with questions in these areas. They had strong questions that bothered me, so I began to delve into these subjects in my spare time.

The few books that I read seemed too simple. I felt that there had to be some deeper discussion about these questions.

Many of the books and articles I read were also a little too neat. All the answers fit perfectly – a little too perfectly. I had the niggling feeling that details were being overlooked and inconvenient facts were being swept under the carpet.

As I read some more, the hunch that I had was proven correct. The answers were not always so straightforward. The studies and findings that were being quoted had many times been overturned and revised.

So I set out on a lone journey to find the answers myself. I don’t claim to know the answers to everything, but I can tell you what I’ve found. Bouncing the ideas off like-minded friends helped clear the confusion, while running them by learned Torah scholars ensured that I did not go off course.

Being involved in the Kollel of Houston, I am blessed to have the opportunity to learn and teach Torah. Over time, people began coming over to me with these sort of questions. Now I had my knowledge to share with them, and that formed the beginnings of this podcast.


So come on and join me for this journey of exploration and discovery. You’ll learn things you never knew before.